Semantic annotation proves to be useful in different fields of human activity. In Europeana Sounds, project co-funded by the European Commission, it is opening the gateway to Europe’s sound and music heritage. 

In Europeana Sounds, Net7 is working on Pundit, its open source tool for semantic annotation, to respond to the specific requirements of sounds-related resources and communities of users.

Alessio Piccioli, who’s coordinating Pundit development within the project, says: “We are trying to better understand what users want, both experts and simple web-surfers. Once a resource has been identified in Europeana, our task consists in allowing users to “convalid” information already present in it, commenting metadata and, thus, enriching information with new knowledge”. A new annotation interface as well widgets to be embedded in external websites are under development.”

Scheduled to run from February 2014 to January 2017, Europeana Sounds is a project co-funded by the European Commission and the Europeana Sounds consortium. Its main objective is to open the gateway to Europe’s sound and music heritage

One of the tools in the Europeana Sounds projects is Pundit – a software framework that is central in the development of StoM. You can read the article about Pundit role here: