On first days of December Net7 presented the web annotation tools of the Pundit family at the Digital Humanities Austria 2015 conference in a 3 hours hands-on session, tools that have been also developed within StoM. In particular the conference was the first public presentation of the new Pundit Annotator, available as a Chrome Extension to be installed on the Google Chrome web browser.

Pundit Annotator is a simple tool for web annotation that allows users to highlight and comment parts of text in any web page with a few clicks. It also supports the collection of annotations in Notebooks: users can easily select a notebook or create a new one on the fly as they save their highlight or comment.

Pundit Annotator enriches the Pundit suite with a new tool designed for general users, students and journalists who need to annotate web pages quickly without creating semantic annotations. Net7 team is currently working, within StoM and in other projects, on the new version of the Pundit Annotator Pro, which has been designed for professional users who need to harness the full power of semantic web.